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35 unique topics for argumentative essay – 2022 Guide

   Teachers assign different topics to their students to help them explore more about their coursework. Writing essays requires in-depth research about a topic. The research process enables the students to learn more about the subject matter of that particular subject. It also enables them to gather multi-dimensional knowledge and information. Teachers depend on these assignments as they provide them a way to evaluate their students. These assignments may include different types of essays. All essays have some similarities as well as differences.

         Among different types of essays, an argumentative essay is the most common academic write-up. An argumentative essay requires a student to investigate more about a topic because it requires them to establish a position on the topic. Students can choose to present their stance in favor of or against the topic. The students will also have to find pieces of evidence to validate their stance. Argumentative essays are usually lengthier and involve deep research.

         Argumentative essays require a writer to present strong arguments. These arguments are then supported by fact-based research. This type of essay is a powerful tool to make others agree with a student’s point of view. This kind of essay enables the students to combine strong argumentation with factual knowledge. Therefore, it enhances the student’s knowledge about a topic. The argumentation style and presentation of evidence are the essential components of an argumentative essay.

          Students are given different kinds of assignments during their coursework, one of which may be writing an argumentative essay. Writing an argumentative essay or any essay can be quite difficult for some students especially if they lack good writing skills. Teachers grade their students based on their writing style and the facts included. These grades are then added to a student’s final marks sheet. Thus, these essays play a decisive role in a student’s academic performance. Therefore, writing a good quality argumentative essay is always stressful. But this is not something that should trouble a student. I used to face a lot of issues when I had to write my essay during my coursework. But with practice, I got better.  

         When it comes to topics for writing an essay, sometimes, it is totally up to the teacher to assign a suitable topic to the students or sometimes, the teacher lets the students choose the topic for themselves. When that happens, the key is to select a topic that you are most passionate or intrigued about. The reason for this is that, when you are passionate about a certain topic, you will enjoy researching the information about it, you will actively outline and plan your essay because you want it to be the best. However, you must also consider that the topic you choose is debatable and can be explored further, especially if it is an argumentative essay. But if you find selecting a topic difficult, you can always consult a professional essay writer to get some ideas.

         Here are 35 unique topics to help students in choosing the best option for writing an essay. All these topics are related to the burning issues of the twenty-first century. Most importantly, each year has some important happenings. These topics are thus narrowed down to the context of the year 2021. If you want 25 best topics for college level paper, you can check our other blog.

Following is the list of the topics relevant to the social sciences subject.

  1.       The Covid-19 pandemic will have lasting effects on the global economy
  2.       Is the Covid-19 pandemic a call for innovation in medical research?
  3.       The responsibility of the medical sector of the developed nations during a pandemic
  4.       The era of globalization and restricted movements in the post-pandemic world
  5.       Do we need to implement universal human laws in the era of globalization?
  6.       The Pride Movement and human equality
  7.       Is cultural diversity at workplaces, playing a positive role in team-building?
  8.       The role of law-enforcement agencies and “All Lives Matter” campaigns
  9.       The power of social media and the Black Lives Matter movement
  10.   Has the Black Lives Matter movement contributed to violence?
  11. Gender issues and the Me Too movement in the twenty-first century
  12. Code of ethics for social media users during the Me Too movement.
  13. Gender roles and taboos in the modern societies of the twenty-first century
  14.   Should governments reserve a percentage of managerial jobs for women to promote gender equality?
  15.   Should abortion rights be legalized as reproductive rights in all societies?
  16.   How has technology benefited the education systems in the post-pandemic world?
  17.   Parents should allow their teenage children to have access to cell phones.
  18.   Should students be allowed to evaluate the performance of the teachers in the post-pandemic virtual educational system?
  19.   Is home-schooling a better option in the post-pandemic world?
  20.   Should higher education be made free for all to achieve a higher literacy rate?
  21.   Should governments impose additional sales tax on fast food chains to tackle the issue of obesity?
  22.   Tokyo Olympics 2021 and the responsibility of  international organizations to fund the athletes from unfortunate backgrounds
  23.   Do we need to redefine the concept of all sports, including the dangerous ones, as being healthy physical activities?
  24.   Climate change and the responsibility of industrialized nations.
  25.   Is climate change going to become a contributing factor for human migration?
  26.   The presence of monarchical regimes in the modern 21st-century democratic era.
  27.   Should we design and implement universal anti-terrorist laws?
  28.   Violation of human rights in the MENA region.
  29.   Civil wars in the MENA region and forced migrations.
  30.   Should we spend the space exploration budget on the welfare of the poor of society?
  31.   More taxes should be imposed on the rich to feed the poor.
  32.   Health care should be accessible and made free for all.
  33.   Are international organizations playing the role they were supposed to play?
  34.   Protectionist trade is most profitable.
  35.   Pornography and its effects on the younger generation

         These topics will definitely make a good impression on your teacher, provided you do your homework correctly and provide strong arguments. Yet all these topics require a deep understanding of the background story. Some students might find it harder to complete the essay. Therefore, they can also hire a professional essay writing service to make a good impact on their teacher. In this way, they would be able to achieve higher grades against the assignment. 

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